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Understanding Gps : Principles and Applications (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
Author: Kaplan, Elliott D. (Edt)

Cover: cover
Pages: 554
List Price: $115.00
Published by Artech House
Date Published: 02/1996
ISBN: 0890067937

Table of Contents

1. Introduction:
Condensed GPS Program History
GPS Overview
GLONASS Augmentations
Organization of the Text
2. Fundamentals of Satellite Navigation:
Concept of Ranging Using Time-of-Arrival Measurements
Reference Coordinate Systems
Fundamentals of Satellite Orbits
Position Determination Using Pseudorandom Noise
obtaining User Velocity
Position and Velocity Determination Using Kalman Filtering
Time and GPS
3. GPS System Segments:
Overview of the GPS System
Space Segment Phased Development
4. GPS Satellite Signal Characteristics:
GPS Signal Characteristics
5. Satellite Signal Acquisition and Tracking:
GPS Signal Acquisition and Tracking
6. Effects of RF Interference on GPS Satellite Signal Receiver Tracking:
Effects of RF Interference on Tracking
7. Performance of Standalone GPS:
Error Sources, Measurement, Accuracy, and Estimates of User Position and Time
GPS Availability
GPS Integrity
8. Differential GPS:
Code-Based Techniques
Carrier-Based Techniques
9. Integration of GPS With Other Sensors:
GPS/Inertial Navigation
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
10. The Russian GLONASS System:
Functional Description
Program Overview
Organizational Structure
Constellation and Orbit
Spacecraft Description
Ground Support
User Equipment
Reference Systems
GLONASS Signal Characteristics
System Accuracy
Future GLONASS Development
GLONASS Information Centers
11. INMARSAT Civil Navigation Satellite Overlay:
Functional Description
The INMARSAT Organization
Program History
WAAS Signal Specification
Utilization by Land and Maritime Users
Proposed Evolution to a Civil System
12. GPS Markets and Applications:
GPS -- An Enabling Technology
Uses of GPS for Marine, Air, and Land Navigation
GPS in Surveying, Mapping, and Geographical Information Systems
Recreational Markets for GPS-Based Products
GPS Time Transfer
Differential Applications and Services
Military and Space Applications
Equipment Manufacturers and Segmentation
User Equipment Needs for Specific Markets
Financial Projections for the GPS Industry