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Geodestinies: The Inevitable Influence of Earth Resources on Nations and Individuals
Author: Walter Lewellyn Youngquist

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Pages: 500
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Published by National Book Company
ISBN: 0894202995

Table of Contents

1 Minerals Move Civilization
2 Minerals Move People
3 Minerals and War, and Economic and Political Warfare
4 The Gulf War of 19901991: Iraq Invades Kuwait
5 The Current War Between the States
6 Mineral Microcosms
7 The OneResource Nations
8 The Good Geofortune of the USA
9 The Extraordinary Geodestiny of Saudi Arabia and the Other Persian (Arabian) Gulf Countries
10 Mineral Riches and How They are Spent
11 Minerals, Money, and the PetroCurrencies
12 The Petroleum Interval
13 Alternative Energy Sources: NonRenewable
14 Alternative Energy Sources: Renewable
15 Water Life s Essential Connection to the Earth
16 Minerals From the Ocean
17 Topsoil The Most Valuable Mineral Complex
18 Minerals and Health
19 Strategic Minerals How Strategic are They?
20 Nations and Mineral SelfSufficiency
21 International Access to Minerals Free Trade Versus the Map of Geology
22 Mineral Development and the Environment
23 Efficiency and Conservation To What Purpose?
24 Minerals, Politics, Taxes, and Religion
25 Minerals, Social and Political Structures
26 Mineral Economics
27 Myths and Realities of Mineral Resources
28 Earth Resources, the Future, and the Sustainable Society
29 The Ultimate Resource Can it Secure Our Future?
Index Index
Table 1 World Oil Statistics 1994
Table 2 Estimated World Oil Distribution In Selected Countries 1995
Table 3 Comparative Oil Well Production, By Country 1994
Table 4 Comparison of Average Oil Well Production In Selected States 1994
Table 5 United States Oil Statistics 19701993
Table 6 Oil Reserves In Selected Countries 1974 and 1994
Table 7 Time to Which Current Oil Production Can Be Sustained, By Country
Table 8 Barrels of Oil Reserves Per Capita In Selected Countries
Table 9 Countries Holding Major Proved Gas Reserves 1975 and 1995
Table 10 World Regional Natural Gas Distribution 1995
Table 11 U.S. Energy Mix 1987 and 2000
Table 12 Alternative Energy Sources
Table 13 Percentage of Selected Strategic Metal Reserves Held by South Africa and Russia
Table 14 Dependence of Major Industrial Nations on Imports of Selected Metals
Figure 1 U.S. per capita annual energy mineral consumption
Figure 2 U.S. per capita annual mineral consumption
Figure 3 Geography of Persian Gulf region
Figure 4 U.S. crude oil reserves 19471994
Figure 5 Graphic history of changes in energy mix in the United States
Figure 6 Time of fossil fuel use in perspective of human history from 5000 years past to 5000 years in the future
Figure 7 Be fruitful and multiply..Nnow divide
Figure 8 Curves of discoveries and production during a complete production cycle of a finite resource
Figure 9 World oil supply: discoveries and production