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HDL Chip Design
Author: Smith, Douglas J.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 448
List Price: $65.00
Published by Doone Publications
Date Published: 06/1996
ISBN: 0965193438


The EDA industry is an increasingly challenging area in which to be working. I work at VeriBest Incorporated and have been in the EDA industry for many years, and I am fully aware of the books that are available. This one, however, is unique as it deals extensively with both VHDL and Verilog in a comparative manner and includes many graphic examples of synthesied circuits. Doug Smith, also of VeriBest Inc., has been mastering the valuable art of Hardware Description Language (HDL) chip design for many years in both European and American companies. He has cleverly captured years of design experience within the pages of this book.

The abundant examples throughout show complete functional designs and not just snippets of code. Doug has spent endless months researching HDL and design topics to ensure that people in the EDA industry were in agreement with his methods. I am certainly an advocate of Doug's HDL guide for EDA veterans and first semester EE freshmen alike. His tips on planning and executing HDL designs (including the modeling caveats) are invaluable. Designers can surely benefit by applying his precepts and principles using the techniques emerged from his design experience. You will probably keep this book close to your desk for many projects to come.

Often, worth is measured by magnitude, however this book not only contains more examples than any other previously published work dealing with HDL driven design, but is more comprehensive than any other book of synthesis recipes whatsoever. A technical work must stand or fall by its accuracy and authority; "HDL Chip Design" stands head-and-shoulders over all other books covering this subject.

The authority of this work rests on almost a lifetime of practical experience, through his career. Its accuracy has been verified through machine-processing of all the examples, and by leading industry experts. As a result "HDL Chip Design" is the very best hands-on book you can own today. It will enable you to survive in the competitive world of HDL chip design, and will be a beacon in your quest for perfect HDL design.

Alex Zamfirescu
IEEE Project 1076.3 (Synthesis Packages) Chariman
IEC TC93 Working Group (HDDLs) Convenor