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A Verilog HDL Primer (Please refer to ISBN 096503917x)
Author: Bhasker, J .

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 259
List Price: $59.95
Published by Star Galaxy Press
Date Published: 01/1997
ISBN: 0965627748


"A must primer for anyone who is beginning to learn Verilog HDL"

"An excellent reference book that shows many modeling examples"

  • Learn Verilog HDL the fast and easy way. Use this primer for a thorough understanding of the basic building blocks of Verilog HDL.
  • Find out how to model hardware and test it using the various constructs provided by Verilog HDL.
  • Features:

    • Written for new users
    • Explains the language through simple examples
    • Explains the syntax of language using commonly-used design terminology
    • Explains the behavioral style, the dataflow style, and structural style in detail
    • Concepts of delay and timing are clearly explained
    • Testbench writing is made easier by providing a number of examples
    • Many hardware modeling examples have also been provided to make this an excellent reference