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Power of Passion : Achieve Your Own Everests
Author: Hobson, Alan / Clarke, Jamie

Cover: cover
List Price: $18.95
Published by Inner Everests Inc
Date Published: 03/1997
ISBN: 0968243002

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    v
  Introduction: Everyday Everests                    ix
  Opening: Before We Get to Base Camp                xi
    Daring to Dream                                  1  
    Finding a Friend                                 7  
    Preparing to Climb                               19 
    The Must of Trust                                25 
    Overcoming Our Fear of Heights                   35 
    The Triumph in a Team                            45 
    Victory Through Effort                           59 
    Re-Engineering the Dream                         71 
    Choosing a High Performance Team                 89 
    Facing Death                                     97 
    Communication Breakdown                          109
    Rising to the Challenge of Change                123
    The Power of Love                                139
    Choosing People Over Peaks                       153
    Refusing to Fold                                 171
  They Did It!                                       187
  About the Authors                                  189
  There's More Where This Came From                  191