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MicroStation CAD Manager - A Course for Managers of Multi-user MicroStation Installations
Author: Rowse Company

Cover: cover
Pages: 788
List Price: $245.00
Published by Rowse Company
Date Published: May 12, 2002
ISBN: ISBN 0-9724566-3-5


The official MicroStation CAD Manager training manual has been used to train hundreds of CAD Managers worldwide since its initial release in 1999. The courseware contains descriptive graphics, charts, and explanations, complemented by hundreds of images, summaries, training exercises, and a dataset CD. Now available to resellers, trainers, and end-users. This manual will become your most valued MicroStation technical resource!

Learn how to create custom workspaces to manage multiple project, department, and client configurations. Includes chapters on installation options, SELECTserver, developing and integrating CAD standards, level and color table management, cell libraries and cell selector files, seed file management, fonts and line style resources, Settings Manager, integrating macros and MDLs, customizing the user interface, workspace design concepts, configuration variables, operators and preprocessor directives, key-in command syntax resources, building different types of workspaces, building project configuration files, workspace administration, and file repair with EdG.