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Focus On GIS Component Software : Featuring Esri's Mapobjects
Author: Hartman, Robert

Cover: cover
Pages: 400
List Price: $60.95
Published by Onword Pr
Date Published: 09/1997
ISBN: 1566901367

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xiii
  Purpose of the Book                                xiii
  Audience                                           xv  
  Structure and Content                              xvi 
  Book Structure                                     xvi 
  Chapter Content                                    xvii
  Contents of the CD-ROM                             xix 
  Evaluation Copy of ESRI's MapObjects               xix 
  Sample MapObjects Applications                     xix 
  MapObjects Documentation                           xx  
  Updates for Visual Basic 5.0 Users                 xxi 
  Installing Software from the CD-ROM                xxii
    Chapter 1:  The Business Case for Components     1   
      What Business Demands from Technology          2   
        Speed, Quality, and Flexibility              3   
        Information Techology in the                 5   
      The Software Crisis and Object Technology      8   
        The Software Crisis                          8   
        Software Development as a Craft              9   
        From Craft to Construction Using Object      10  
        The Limitations of Object Technology         12  
      Software Component Technology                  16  
        From Construction to Assembly Using          17  
        A Component Case Study                       20  
        No Simple Solution                           22  
    Chapter 2:  Software Components and GIS          25  
      A Brief on GIS                                 25  
        GIS in the Information Infrastructure        28  
      GIS Evolution Toward a Component Approach      30  
        The Niche Era of GIS                         31  
        The Enterprise Era of GIS                    33  
        The Infrastructure Era of GIS                37  
        The Critical Need for Software Components    43  
    Chapter 3:  Objects and Components: What's       45  
    the Difference?
      A Brief Review of Objects                      47  
        Objects, Data, and Methods                   47  
        Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and             48  
      How Objects and Components Differ              51  
        Defining a Unit of Software                  52  
        Something's Missing in the Object Model      55  
      Moving from Objects to Components              57  
        Object Interfaces                            57  
        Object Infrastructures                       59  
        The Changing Software World                  62  
    Chapter 4:  Models for a Component               65  
      The Need for a Standard Component Model        66  
      Microsoft and the OLE COM Model                66  
        A Brief History of OLE COM                   66  
        COM as the Object Infrastructure             68  
        COM Objects and Interfaces                   70  
        Type Libraries and IDL: The Interface        73  
        Directory Service
        An Application Framework: Object Linking     75  
        and Embedding
      The OMG and the CORBA Model                    83  
        The CORBA ORB, an Object Infrastructure      83  
        CORBA Object Interfaces                      84  
        CORBA Common Object Services and             84  
        An Application Framework: OpenDoc            86  
        Inter-ORB Gateways                           87  
      COM or CORBA?                                  88  
    Chapter 5:  Geographic Software Components       91  
      Industry-level Component Standards             92  
        An Example of an Industry-level Component    93  
      GIS Industry Component Standards               96  
        The Open GIS Consortium                      96  
        The OGC's Open GIS Specification             97  
        Applying the OGIS Specification              104 
      Examples of GIS Software Component Products    106 
        Component Suites and Component Parts         107 
        Component Suites                             111 
        Component Parts                              114 
        Component Suites and Parts, and Their        116 
    Chapter 6:  Inside a Geographic Software         119 
    Component: A MapObjects Overview
      What Is MapObjects?                            119 
        MapObjects as an ActiveX Component           120 
        MapObjects System Requirements               121 
      The MapObjects Object Model                    121 
        Map Display Objects                          122 
        Data Access Objects                          129 
        Geometric Objects                            130 
        Address Matching Objects                     132 
      Data Sources Supported by MapObjects           133 
        Data Representation, Storage, and Format     133 
        Shapefiles                                   134 
        ARC INFO Coverages                           136 
        Spatial Database Engine                      137 
        Image Files                                  139 
        Database Tables                              141 
        Data Source Abstraction                      142 
      Accessing Objects in the MapObjects            142 
        Adding MapObjects to a Development           143 
        Viewing MapObjects Object Classes            146 
        Creating Objects Using MapObjects Object     151 
        Accessing Object Methods and Properties      152 
    Chapter 7:  Creating Maps: MapObjects Maps       155 
    and Layers
      Maps and Layers                                156 
        Maps                                         156 
        Layers                                       157 
        The Layers Collection                        159 
      Adding Layers to a Map                         160 
        Adding Layers at Design Time                 160 
        Adding Layers at Run Time                    161 
        Removing Layers from a Map                   167 
      Drawing Maps and Layers                        168 
        When Does a Map Redraw?                      168 
        Layer Visibility                             168 
        Layer Draw Order                             169 
        Drawing Events                               171 
      Displaying Dynamic Data on the TrackingLayer   172 
        GeoEvent Objects                             172 
        The TrackingLayer                            173 
      The Tracking Application: Using Maps and       174 
        The Tracking Application's User Interface    175 
        The Forml Form Load Procedure: Setting       177 
        Things Up for the User
        The InitializeMapData Procedure: Adding      178 
        Layers Using DataConnections and
        The Initialize TrackingLayer Procedure:      179 
        Setting Up the TrackingLayer
        The Mapl MouseDown Event: Handling a         181 
        Click on the Map
        The Command1 Button: Removing GeoEvents      188 
        from the TrackingLayer
        The Command2 Button: A View of All Map       189 
        The Check1 Check Box: Moving GeoEvents on    189 
        the TrackingLayer
    Chapter 8:  Displaying Maps: MapObjects          193 
    Symbols and Renderers
      Drawing Layers with Symbols                    194 
        Modifying Symbols at Design Time             194 
        Modifying Symbols at Run Time                196 
        Colors and Color Constants in MapObjects     197 
        Symbol Style Constants in MapObjects         197 
        The TextSymbol Object                        200 
      Drawing Features with Renderers                201 
        The DotDensityRenderer: Symbolizing with     201 
        Density Patterns
        The ValueMapRenderer: Symbolizing by         202 
        Attribute Values
        The ClassBreaksRenderer: Symbolizing by      203 
        The LabelRenderer: Labeling a Map with       204 
      The ThematicMap Application: Using Symbols     205 
      and Renderers
        The ThematicMap Application's User           205 
        The Forml Form Load Procedure: Setting Up    207 
        Maps and Symbols
        The Map1 MouseDown Event: Handling a         209 
        Click on the Map
        The Command2 Button: Using the Default       210 
        The Command1 Button: Using the               212 
        The Command3 Button: Using the               216 
        The Command8 Button: Using the               222 
        The Command6 Button: Using the               229 
        The Command4 and Command5 Buttons:           235 
        Further Uses of the ClassBreaksRenderer
    Chapter 9:  Analyzing Maps: MapObjects,          237 
    Recordsets, Geometric Objects, and Spatial
      Multi-dimensional Query and Analysis           237 
      The Recordset Object                           239 
        What Is a Recordset?                         239 
        Accessing the Recordset of a MapLayer        240 
        Inspecting and Updating Recordsets           243 
      Using the Table Object to Access Additional    246 
      Tabular Data
        What Is a Table?                             247 
        Tables and ODBC                              248 
        Relating Tables to MapLayers                 249 
      Geometric Objects                              251 
        Representing Geometric Shapes                252 
        Analyzing Relationships Among Geometric      253 
      Using Shapes, Tables, and Recordsets in        254 
        The SearchByDistance Method                  255 
        The SearchExpression Method                  255 
        The SearchShape Method                       255 
        MapObjects Spatial Operators                 256 
      The Describe Shapefile Application:            258 
      Recordsets, Shapes, and Queries
        The DescribeShapefile Application's User     258 
        Form1 General Declarations: Making the       265 
        Shapefile Accessible
        The Form1 Form Load Procedure: Preparing     265 
        the User Interface
        The Form1 Command1 Button: Selecting the     266 
        Shapefile and Displaying Its Description
        The Form2 Command2 Button: Viewing the       279 
        Geography of the Shapefile
        The Form2 Map1 MouseDown Event: Handling     282 
        a Click on the Map
        The Form1 and Form2 Unload Procedures:       290 
        Cleaning Up When Closing Forms
    Chapter 10:  Looking Ahead at Software           293 
      Components and the Network                     294 
        The Internet: Redefining the Network         295 
        The Internet: Redefining the Business        297 
        What Does Expansion Mean for GIS?            298 
      Components and the Server                      300 
        Integrating Spatial and Aspatial Data in     301 
        the Database Server
        Components and the Database Server           302 
        What Do DBMS Component Models Mean for       304 
      Components and the Client                      305 
        Information Appliances                       306 
        What Does Appliance Technology Mean to       308 
      Components and You                             309 
        What Does All of This Mean for You?          309 
  Appendix A:  Other MapObjects Products             315 
  MapObjects LT                                      315 
  MapObjects Internet Map Server                     318 
  Appendix B:  For Further Reference                 323 
  Web Sites                                          323 
  General Software Components                        323 
  GIS Software Components                            324 
  Web Sites Using the MapObjects Internet Map        326 
  Books                                              326 
  Software Component Issues                          326 
  GIS Software Components                            328 
  Articles                                           328 
  Software Component Issues                          328 
  GIS Software Components                            329 
  Index                                              331