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GIS Online : Information Retrieval, Mapping, and The Internet
Author: Plewe, Brandon

Cover: cover
Pages: 311
List Price: $51.95
Published by Onword Pr
Date Published: 08/1997
ISBN: 1566901375


A very good guide to the development, integration and distribution of maps or related Geographic Information System (GIS) material with the Internet or intranets. Reviews distributed geographic information (DGI) concepts and sample applications. Guides you through Internet (and intranet) development strategies with respect to the requirements and types of DGI applications. Discusses pros/cons of server and browser processing, details types of services that can be provided, and that includes "...dynamic maps, spacial queries, full GIS analysis capabilities, and distribution of raw data to users with their own GIS software." Reviews resource requirements and available commercial products to help you answer the question; build your own or buy? Discusses the entire implementation process, from hardware and software implementation to maintenance, including potential problems and pitfalls. Concludes with an interesting chapter on integration of future technologies, issues and policies of online GIS services. Not a technical manual or step-by-step tutorial, but a good guide to the vast online potential of GIS services.