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GIS Online : Information Retrieval, Mapping, and The Internet
Author: Plewe, Brandon

Cover: cover
Pages: 311
List Price: $51.95
Published by Onword Pr
Date Published: 08/1997
ISBN: 1566901375


Synopsis For people who want to build a Web site based around GIS and mapping technology or to include maps on their Web sites, this text describes the concept of geographic information retrieval and data sharing, outlines motivations for sharing geographic data, and includes step-by-step instructions through the planning and development stages of the Web site.

GIS Online is a comprehensive guide for businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals who want to build a Web site based on GIS and mapping technology, or who simply want to include maps on their sites. The book describes the concepts of distributed geographic information (DGI), the integration of GIS and maps with the Internet, and data sharing, and provides guidance through the planning, development, and maintenance of an effective site.