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Cartographic Design Using ArcView GIS
Author: Madej, Ed

Cover: cover
Pages: 432
List Price: $57.95
Published by Onword Press
Date Published: 06/2000
ISBN: 1566901871


Both an effective primer on digital map design, as well as a classic software tutorial, this book makes particular reference to cartographic methods available in one of today's most popular GIS applications software packages: ArcView GIS from ESRI, Inc. Structured around fundamental concepts of map design, each stand-alone chapter introduces the reader to a general map design theory followed by opportunities to apply these theories. A variety of ArcView GIS tips and tricks are noted throughout this well-illustrated book to assist the reader in gaining a thorough understanding of map design and digital cartographic output.A section of color plates illustrates elements of first-rate map design.Each chapter will effectively stand alone as a guide to a single element of design, including instructions specific to the software.