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Cartographic Design Using ArcView GIS
Author: Madej, Ed

Cover: cover
Pages: 432
List Price: $57.95
Published by Onword Press
Date Published: 06/2000
ISBN: 1566901871

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Mapping with ArcView GIS
Chapter 2 -The Cartographic Design Process
Chapter 3 - Using the ArcView Legend Editor: Legend Types
Chapter 4 - Classification in the ArcView Legend Editor
Chapter 5 - Palettes in the ArcView Legend Editor Manipulating Markers
Colors and Patterns in the View
Chapter 6 - Typography in the View
Chapter 7 - Map Projections and Map Scale in the View Document
Chapter 8 - Cartographic Design with ArcView's Layout Document
Chapter 10 - Using Raster Data in the View
Chapter 11 - Map Output
Color Insert