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Professional Java E-Commerce
Author: Ronald Ashri,Robert Flenner,Tracie Karsjens,Ma Kerzner,Ronald Ashri,Chad Darby

Cover: cover
Pages: 1400
List Price: $59.99
Published by Wrox Press, Inc.
ISBN: 1861004818

Table of Contents


Section 1 - The E-Commerce Landscape

Chapter 1: Defining E-Commerce

Chapter 2: Requirements for E-Commerce Systems

Chapter 3: Planning the Project

Section 2 - Architecting Java-Based E-Commerce Systems

Chapter 4: Architecting E-Commerce Applications

Chapter 5: J2EE for E-Commerce Applications

Chapter 6: Approaches for E-Commerce Applications

Chapter 7: Delivering Data and Data Transformation - XML/XSLT

Chapter 8: Security

Section 3 - B2C E-Commerce Solutions

Chapter 9: B2C E-Commerce: Simple Site to Sell Goods Online

Chapter 10: B2C E-Commerce: Site Usability

Chapter 11: B2C E-Commerce: Client Issues

Chapter 12: B2C E-Commerce: Extending the Simple Site

Chapter 13: In the Marketplace A - B2C with WebLogic and WLCS

Chapter 14: B2C E-Commerce: Portal Site

Chapter 15: In the Marketplace B - A Customizable Portal Architecture

Section 4 - B2B E-Commerce Solutions

Chapter 16: B2B E-Commerce: B2B Foundations

Chapter 17: B2B E-Commerce: Integrating Supply Chains

Chapter 18 B2B E-Commerce: Transformation

Chapter 19: B2B E-Commerce: Mass Integration

Chapter 20: In the Marketplace C - Supply Chain Integration

Chapter 21: B2B E-Commerce: Internet Application Service Providers

Chapter 22: B2B E-Commerce: Inter-Company Workflow

Chapter 23: In the Marketplace D - Corporate Purchasing

Section 5 - M-Commerce

Chapter 24: Technologies for M-Commerce

Chapter 25: Smart Cards

Section 6 - Appendices

Appendix A: XML Primer

Appendix B: XSLT Primer

Appendix C: XML and XSL Files for Chapter 7

Appendix D: Hexadecimal Conversion Charts

Appendix E: Extract from the Loebner Competition Transcript

Appendix F: Package Diagrams for the B2B XML-to-Object Broker Application