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Extending ArcView GIS : With Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst
Author: Ormsby, Tim / Alvi, Jonell

Cover: cover
Pages: 527
List Price: $49.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 08/1999
ISBN: 1879102056


ArcView GIS is the world's leading desktop geographic information system software. ArcView GIS extensions are software modules that plug into the core product to deliver powerful added functionality. Extending ArcView GIS introduces three of the most popular of a growing number of advanced extensions:

  • ArcView Network Analyst solves route problems on any set of interconnected lines--finding the best way to move resources from one place to another and identifying locations of maximum accessibility

  • ArcView Spatial Analyst combines layers of GIS data to pinpoint areas of suitability, concern, and critical change. It is a decision-support tool for a wide variety of environmental modelling problems--from where to build a house to how to protect a forest

  • ArcView 3D Analyst creates realistic three-dimensional displays of terrain and other surfaces using aerial and satellite imagery to enhance traditional GIS datasets

Extending ArcView GIS is designed for those who understand basic GIS concepts and are familiar with ArcView GIS software. Patterned on the award-winning Getting to Know ArcView GIS, the book consists of short conceptual overviews followed by detailed exercises framed in the context of real problems. Each step is fully explained and graphics confirm your progress at every stage.

Extending ArcView GIS also includes information about dozens of other standard and optional ArcView GIS Extensions.