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Table of Contents

Getting to Know ArcView GIS : The Geographic Information System (GIS) for Everyone
Author: ESRI Press

Cover: cover
Pages: 654
List Price: $49.95
Published by Environmental Systems Research
Date Published: 05/1999
ISBN: 1879102463

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1: Desktop GIS: What It Is and What It Does
Chapter 2: This Is How It Works
Chapter 3: Asking Questions; Getting Answers
Chapter 4: Making Information Presentable Chapter 5: What You Need to Know about Data
Chapter 6: Using Desktop GIS
Chapter 7: Introducing ArcView GIS
Chapter 8: Getting Data into ArcView GIS
Chapter 9: Classifying and Displaying Themes
Chapter 10: Symbolizing Themes
Chapter 11: Measuring Distance and Area in a View
Chapter 12: Managing Scale
Chapter 13: Selecting Map Features in a View
Chapter 14: Selecting Records in a Table
Chapter 15: Displaying and Editing Tables
Chapter 16: Joining, Linking, and Hot Linking
Chapter 17: Finding the Features Nearby
Chapter 18: Finding the Features Within
Chapter 19: Finding Features that Intersect other Features
Chapter 20: Spatially Joining Tables
Chapter 21: Working with Charts
Chapter 22: Creating Map Layouts
Chapter 23: Creating Shapefiles
Chapter 24: Editing Shapefiles in a Theme
Chapter 25: Creating Themes from Coordinate Files
Chapter 26: Address Geocoding
Chapter 27: Introducing Avenue
Chapter 28: What's New in ArcView GIS Version 3.1
Chapter 29: Introducing ArcView GIS Extensions