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Transportation GIS
Author: Laura Lang

Cover: cover
Pages: 118
List Price: $19.95
Published by ESRI Press
ISBN: 1879102471


Transportation professionals increasingly rely on geographic information system (GIS) methods and technology to manage equipment and infrastructure. Whether it's monitoring train locations, tracking flight paths and noise levels, planning for highway maintenance, or improving bus routes, GIS helps private organizations and public agencies improve safety and reduce costs. The twelve case studies in this book demonstrate that GIS is capable of helping balance the needs and desires of people to travel with the contradictory but equally compelling need for clean air and uncongested roads.

Although it is impossible to address every issue of transportation management, an effort has been made to be representative. Even if your particular branch of the transportation industry isn't covered, chances are you'll recognize some common concerns, realize new solutions, and discover useful problem-solving strategies. So, buy this book and begin applying GIS to your transportation needs.

Bonus CD: Test drive ArcView GIS, the easy-to-use software for viewing and analyzing geographic information. Learn what GIS is and how it works in six multimedia presentations. See and hear how ArcView GIS software performs basic GIS tasks. Use a trial copy of ArcView GIS software to work through a tutorial using a variety of data.