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GIS for Everyone : Exploring Your Neighborhood and Your World with a Geographic Information System
Author: Davis, David E.

Cover: cover
Pages: 156
List Price: $19.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 07/1999
ISBN: 1879102498

Table of Contents


1: GIS for everyone
Map gallery

2: Understanding digital maps
Exploration 1: Look at San Diego

3: Finding answers with digital maps
Exploration 2: What is that?
Exploration 3: Where is it?
Exploration 4: How far is it?
Exploration 5: What's it like?
Exploration 6: Where is it? (part two)

4: Telling stories with digital maps
Exploration 7: A trip to Rio de Janeiro
Exploration 8: Symbolize a map of Prague based on attributes
Exploration 9: Share your map of New York City

5: Building the digital map
Varieties of geographic data
Varieties of geographic data file
Exploration 10: Make a map of Austin, Texas, from digital data

6: Bringing the world into your digital map
GIS for Everyone companion CD
Exploration 11: View data on the CD
GIS for Everyone companion Web site
ArcData Online
Exploration 12: Download data for your area
Elsewhere on the Internet
Exploration 13: Create a map of Sydney, Australia, using ArcExplorer as an Internet client

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