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Serving Maps on the Internet : Geographic Information on the World Wide Web
Author: Harder, Christian

Cover: cover
Pages: 130
List Price: $19.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 07/1998
ISBN: 1879102528

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Internet Mapping: Serving geographic data on the Web
Chapter 2: Public access GIS
Chapter 3: Disaster response networks
Chapter 4: A GIS on every desktop
Chapter 5: Building an Internet-based spatial data library
Chapter 6: National Real Estate Finder
Chapter 7: Bioregional geographic information server
Chapter 8: Airport noise and the community
Chapter 9: Service technician routing
Chapter 10: Highway management information systems
Chapter 11: Internet yellow pages
Chapter 12: Scientific Data Publishing
Appendix A: The ESRI Internet mapping story
Appendix B: Mapping Applications on the Web
Appendix C: Additional resources