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Table of Contents

Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam
Author: Lindeburg, Michael R.

Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 1488
List Price: $162.00
Published by Professional Publications
Date Published: June 2001
ISBN: 1888577665

Table of Contents

List of Appendices                                 v    
  Preface to the Seventh Edition                     vii  
  Acknowledgments for the Seventh Edition            ix   
  How to Get Online Updates for This Book            xi   
  Codes Referenced in This Manual                    xiii 
  Introduction                                       xv
    Topic I:  Background and Support
      Systems of Units                               1-1
      Engineering Drawing Practice                   2-1
      Algebra                                        3-1
      Linear Algebra                                 4-1
      Vectors                                        5-1
      Trigonometry                                   6-1
      Analytic Geometry                              7-1
      Differential Calculus                          8-1
      Integral Calculus                              9-1
      Differential Equations                         10-1
      Probability and Statistical Analysis of Data   11-1
      Numerical Analysis                             12-1
      Energy, Work, and Power                        13-1
    Topic II:  Water Resources
      Fluid Properties                               14-1
      Fluid Statics                                  15-1
      Fluid Flow Parameters                          16-1
      Fluid Dynamics                                 17-1
      Hydraulic Machines                             18-1
      Open Channel Flow                              19-1
      Meteorology, Climatology, and Hydrology        20-1
      Groundwater                                    21-1
      Inorganic Chemistry                            22-1
      Organic Chemistry                              23-1
      Combustion and Incineration                    24-1
      Water Supply Quality and Testing               25-1
      Water Supply Treatment and Distribution        26-1
    Topic III:  Environmental
      Biochemistry, Biology, and Bacteriology        27-1
      Wastewater Quantity and Quality                28-1
      Wastewater Treatment: Equipment and            29-1
      Activated Sludge and Sludge Processing         30-1
      Municipal Solid Waste                          31-1
      Pollutants in the Environment                  32-1
      Disposition of Hazardous Materials             33-1
      Environmental Remediation                      34-1
    Topic IV:  Geotechnical
      Soil Properties and Testing                    35-1
      Shallow Foundations                            36-1
      Rigid Retaining Walls                          37-1
      Piles and Deep Foundations                     38-1
      Temporary Excavations                          39-1
      Special Soil Topics                            40-1
    Topic V:  Structural
      Determinate Statics                            41-1
      Properties of Areas                            42-1
      Material Properties and Testing                43-1
      Strength of Materials                          44-1
      Basic Elements of Design                       45-1
      Structural Analysis I                          46-1
      Structural Analysis II                         47-1
      Properties of Concrete and Reinforcing Steel   48-1
      Concrete Proportioning, Mixing, and Placing    49-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Beams                     50-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Slabs                     51-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Short Columns             52-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Long Columns              53-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Walls and Retaining       54-1
      Reinforced Concrete: Footings                  55-1
      Pretensioned Concrete                          56-1
      Composite Concrete Members                     57-1
      Structural Steel: Introduction                 58-1
      Structural Steel: Beams                        59-1
      Structural Steel: Tension Members              60-1
      Structural Steel: Compression Members          61-1
      Structural Steel: Beam-Columns                 62-1
      Structural Steel: Plate Girders                63-1
      Structural Steel: Composite Steel Members      64-1
      Structural Steel: Connectors                   65-1
      Structural Steel: Welding                      66-1
      Structural Steel: Introduction to LRFD         67-1
      Properties of Masonry                          68-1
      Masonry Walls                                  69-1
      Masonry Columns                                70-1
    Topic VI:  Transportation
      Properties of Solid Bodies                     71-1
      Kinematics                                     72-1
      Kinetics                                       73-1
      Roads and Highways: Capacity Analysis          74-1
      Vehicle Dynamics and Accident Analysis         75-1
      Flexible Pavement Design                       76-1
      Rigid Pavement Design                          77-1
      Plane Surveying                                78-1
      Horizontal, Vertical, Spiral, and Compound     79-1
      Construction Earthwork, Staking, and           80-1
    Topic VII:  Systems, Management, and
      Project Management                             81-1
      Construction and Job Site Safety               82-1
      Electrical Systems and Equipment               83-1
      Instrumentation and Measurements               84-1
      Engineering Economic Analysis                  85-1
      Engineering Law                                86-1
      Engineering Ethics                             87-1
      Engineering Licensing in the United States     88-1
    Topic VIII:  Support Material
      Appendices                                     A-1
      Glossary                                       G-1
  Index                                              I-1
  Index of Figures and Tables                        IFT-1