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Experimental Soil Mechanics
Author: Bardet, Jean-Pierre

Cover: Hard cover
List Price: $93.25
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 01/1997
ISBN: 0133749355


Focuses on the experimental techniques of soil mechanics -- and the basic principles underlying the techniques.

Considers recent developments in experimental techniques as well as standard testing procedures.

Contains a progressive series of twenty-two experiments. Provides for each:

  • Theory.
  • Equipment.
  • Experimental procedures (illustrated with photos and illustrations).
  • Data processing.
  • Review questions and exercises.

Modernizes the processing of experimental data with spreadsheets on personal computers.

  • Includes a floppy disk (Microsoft Excel for Windows and MAC platforms) with examples of processed experimental data sets.
  • Offers several unprocessed data sets (in exercises) of laboratory experiments.

Gives typical values of soil properties and empirical correlations to compare with classroom or laboratory results.

Provides suggestions for preparing organized laboratory reports.