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Linear Circuit Analysis: Time Domain, Phasor, and Laplace Transform Approaches (Please Refer To ISBN 0130431346)
Author: DeCarlo, Raymond A.

Cover: Soft cover
List Price: $83.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 10/1998
ISBN: 0134738691


Balances emphasis on concepts and calculation so students learn the basic principles and properties that govern circuits behavior, while they gain a firm understanding of how to solve computational techniques they will face in the workforce as engineers.

Features chapter-openers highlighting real-life applications -- e.g., car heater fan speed control, microwave oven, digital-to-analog converter, DC motor, capacitive-bridge pressure sensor, capacitive voltage regulator, rectifier circuit.

Contains a wide variety of challenging analysis, design, and computer oriented problems and exercises.

  • problems balance concepts and hand calculation, and, in a number of cases, utilize software programs such as SPICE and MATLAB

Highlights important definitions, laws, and properties of circuit analysis and design in key concepts boxes throughout.

Provides an early introduction of the matrix formulation of node and mesh equations for solution with software programs such as MATLAB.

  • contains a special section on the Modified Nodal method of circuit analysis

Integrates op amps throughout.

  • offers a more careful treatment of circuits containing controlled sources and op amps -- in particular a careful restatement of the traditional Thévenin and Norton Theorems usually stated (rigorously) only for passive circuits

Introduces classical phasor analysis step-by-step -- beginning with a review of its complex variable foundation.

Unifies the treatment of RL and RC first order circuits and emphasizes the use of the characteristic equation for second order circuits.

Offers a two-chapter introduction to nonlinear electronics circuits as piecewise linear analysis of diode and transistor amplifier circuits.

  • allows the analysis of many simple and useful electronic circuits with the methods of linear resistive circuits

Laplace transforms introduced early in the second term.

  • treats the circuit topics (resonant and magnetic circuits, two ports, filters, etc.) from a systems viewpoint, underpinned on the foundation of the Laplace transform
  • provides extensive practice of its use for analysis of linear circuits of order 2 and larger
  • explores transient and steady state behavior of high order circuits -- not achievable in the usual framework
  • unifies the frequency and time domain approaches to circuit analysis in the systems context by covering continuous-time convolution
  • introduces the basic definitions, the integration, and graphical approaches, and shows where it might be useful for circuit analysis

Provides software for Laplace transform and two-port analysis (IBM PC compatible).