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Remote Sensing of the Environment and Earth Resource Perspective
Author: John R. R. Jensen

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Published by Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0134897331

Table of Contents

1. Remote Sensing of the Environment
2. Electromagnetic Radiation Principles
3. History of Aerial Photography and Aerial Platforms
4. Aerial Photography - Vantage Point, Cameras, Filters, and Film
5. Elements of Visual Image Interpretation
6. Photogrammetry
7. Multispectral Remote Sensing Systems
8. Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing
9. Active and Passive Microwave, and LIDAR Remote Sensing
10. Remote Sensing of Vegetation
11. Remote Sensing of Water
12. Remote Sensing the Urban Landscape
13. Remote Sensing of Soils, Minerals, and Geomorphology
Appendix A-Sources of Remote Sensing Information