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Thermodynamics: Principles and Practices
Author: Saad, Michel A.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 912
List Price: $87.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 03/1997
ISBN: 0134905253


Increasing the depth and breadth of students' understanding of thermodynamics, this student-tested book offers a coherent and comprehensive introductory treatment of the principles and practices of thermodynamics and integrates numerous illustrative examples to fortify material throughout.


  • Complements classical coverage with statistical thermo material.
  • Considers statistical thermodynamics, addressing a variety of current and future engineering applications, and providing the methodology used in the field.
  • Clarifies and reinforces the intimate connection between kinetic theory and thermodynamics.
  • Acquaints students with the language and fundamental principles of thermodynamics.
  • Thoroughly examines thermodynamic properties and their relations, and devotes considerable attention to cycle applications.
  • Analyzes nonreacting and reactive gas mixtures, with probing discussions on internal energy, enthalpy, specific heats and entropy, as well as stoichiometry and the chemical reactions, and chemical affinity.
  • Explores advanced energy systems and innovative methods of energy utilization.
  • Gives all dimensional quantities in SI units.