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VHDL and AHDL Digital System Implementation
Author: Scarpino, Frank

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 316
List Price: $62.00
Published by Prentice Hall PTR .
Date Published: 11/1997
ISBN: 0138570876


This is an introductory two-part text to the Altera and VHSIC Hardware Description Languages, and emphasizes "...implementation of modern digital systems using HDL and programmable arrays." The book introduces AHDL, demonstrates basic applications, control logic and counting methods. It establishes essential principles and design methodologies, with a primary focus on tools. This text guides you through the design process of a hardware receiver (UART PC COM port), discusses application principles of the 7400-series library functions, and examines state machine design and the application of parametric modules in AHDL. Part two introduces VHDL and discusses language components, integer types, arrays and functions then demonstrates their use in applications. Later chapters guide you through the design of another simplified UART/COM port receiver, this time using VHDL, and conclude with an introduction of digital filter design concepts. Dr. Scarpino is associated with the University of Dayton.