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Environmentalism Unbound: Exploring New Pathways for Change
Author: Robert Gottlieb

Cover: cover
Pages: 396
List Price: $29.95
Published by MIT Press
ISBN: 0262072106

Table of Contents

Preface: Common Visions and Strategies for Changeix
IBreaking Boundaries1
1Environmentalism Bounded: Discourse and Action3
2Livable Regions and Cleaner Production: Linking Environmental Justice and Pollution Prevention47
IIExploring Pathways99
3Dry Cleaning's Dilemma and Opportunity: Overcoming Chemical Dependencies and Creating a Community of Interests101
4Janitors and Justice: Industry Restructuring, Chemical Exposures, and Redefining Work145
5Global, Local, and Food Insecure: The Restructuring of the Food System181
6The Politics of Food: Agendas and Movements for Change227
7Pathways to Change: A Conclusion273