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American Census: A Social History
Author: Margo J. Anderson

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List Price: $19.00
Published by Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300047096


{This book} was written to fill a conspicuous gap, and on the whole it has accomplished this very well. . . . The best chapters are those on the 19th century, when opposed views were sharply defined and the technical questions were rather simple. . . . As a historian, Anderson is understandably least comfortable in trying to assess the most recent period. . . . Her bias is . . . that of an analyst who wants data to work on. She never faces up to the questionunderlying all the others: how much effort, money, and invasion of privacy are warranted to produce an ever-larger quantity of figures. . . . Apart from such criticisms, this is a worthwhile book, an excellent summary in language that the general reader can understand of how the country's statistical record was shaped by American history.