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Microstation for AutoCad Users : A Bi-Directional Handbook
Author: Conforti, Frank / Grabowski, Ralph

Cover: cover
Pages: 896
List Price: $58.95
Published by Delmar Publishers Publishers Inc.
Date Published: 09/1998
ISBN: 0766806561

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The History of CAD
Chapter 2: A Day in the Life: 2D
Chapter 3: Hardware Considerations
Chapter 4: Communicating with the Software
Chapter 5: Basic Drawing Tools
Chapter 6: Navigating the Drawing
Chapter 7: Advanced Drawing Tools
Chapter 8: Plotting with CAD
Chapter 9: A Day in the Life: 3D
Chapter 10: Customizing and Programming Tools
Chapter 11: File Formats
Chapter 12: CAD on the Internet
Chapter 13: Exchanging Drawings
Chapter 14: External Text Files and Databases
Chapter 15: Peaceful Co-existence
Appendix A: MicroStation-AutoCAD Dictionary
Appendix B: Command Listings