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Urban Planning and Development Applications of GIS
Author: Said Easa, American Society of Civil Engineers Geographic Information Syste,Yupo Chan (Editor)

Cover: cover
Pages: 304
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Published by American Society of Civil Engineers
Date Published: 01/2000
ISBN: 0784404615

Table of Contents

The Editors
Ch. 1Introduction
Ch. 2GIS Technology and Implementation
Ch. 3Remote Sensing
Ch. 4Trends in Spatial Databases
Ch. 5Implementation of Linear Referencing Systems in GIS
Ch. 6Regional Planning (Activity-Allocation Modeling)
Ch. 7Transportation
Ch. 8Public Utilities
Ch. 9Stormwater and Waste Management
Ch. 10Cultural and Natural Resources
Ch. 11Emergency Response (Disaster Management)
Ch. 12Environmental Assessment of Transportation-Related Air Quality
Ch. 13Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Ch. 14Civil Engineering Education
Ch. 15Looking Ahead
App. 1: Selected Internet Resources
App. 2: Acronyms