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3D Studio Max 3.0 Workshop
Author: Loose, Duane

Cover: cover
Pages: 497
List Price: $34.99
Published by Hayden Books
Date Published: 05/2000
ISBN: 0789723433


3D Studio MAX 3.0 Workshop focuses on developing the skills of beginning and intermediate 31) Studio MAX users by teaching them how to take advantage of 3the first object-oriented animation system designed for Microsoft Windows NT . Written from the point of view of a professional industrial designer, art director, animator, and design educator, this book uses a single holistic project, composed of interrelated tutorials to guide you through a professional project development process. By beginning with the end in mind, this workshop will show you how to structure your use of MAX to create professional-quality imagery using the basic tools provided in MAX.

3D Studio MAX 3.0 Workshop boosts the beginning to intermediate user to a higher level of MAX proficiency in the shortest time possible. The workshop focuses on basic principles, elements, and tools used in MAX to create models, materials, lighting, special effects, and animation; and you will learn how professionals develop CGI shots in MAX by using layers and compositing.

An award-winning industrial designer and science fiction illustrator, Duane Loose is the Supervising Art Director of CGI/Development for Creative Capers Entertainment, Inc. He is known for his imaginative development of story and design concepts for the feature films, broadcast video, multimedia, and video games produced for Capers' original entertainment properties and for its clients. He has taught design courses at Brigham Young University, Massachusetts College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.