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3D Studio Max R3 in Depth with CD ROM
Author: Polevoi, Rob

Cover: cover
Pages: 700
List Price: $49.99
Published by Coriolis Group Books
Date Published: 10/1999
ISBN: 157610432X


"3D Studio Max R3 is a great book and the writer was very meticulous in his teaching throughout the book.

Not only does he teach you about 3D Studio Max R3, he does it with explanations about the why of it all. He explains how 3D Studio Max R3 handles things and gives tips along the way of things that work and things that don't as well as things to watch for while you're working in the program.

There are several places in the book where the writer refers to more advanced techniques that are not covered in the manual and in some instances offers alternate methods to achieve a similar effect.

Along with learning 3D Studio Max R3 you can't help but learn a lot more about 3D modeling in general. A lot of books will give you tutorials and leave you wondering why you did something. With this book you will learn concepts about 3D modeling, mapping, rendering, lighting and more, as well as learning 3D Studio Max R3 and all it's powerful capabilities.

The book comes with a CD that includes files that go with some of the chapters.

The book proceeds in an orderly fashion and is well organized."
--Vikki Dawson, March 15, 2000