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The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 1 : Geographic Patterns and Relationships
Author: Mitchell, Andy

Cover: cover
List Price: $29.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 07/1999
ISBN: 1879102064


GIS is great for making maps. Using a computer to combine layers of detailed information on a single map so you can see what's in a place is indeed powerful. But the true power of GIS lies in analysis. GIS analysis shows you patterns, relationships, and trends in your geographic data that help you understand how the world works, make the best choice from among options, or plan for the future.

The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis gives you the background you need to move into the world of geographic analysis. By following examples drawn from various industries and applications, you'll learn how to narrow down a problem to its essential element, choose one analytical method from among several options, use the software tools accurately, analyze the results, and communicate the results to others.

Volume 1: Geographic Patterns and Relationships (first in a planned two-part series) focuses on six of the most common geographic analysis tasks:

  • Mapping where things are
  • Mapping the most and least
  • Mapping density
  • Finding what's inside
  • Finding what's nearby
  • Mapping what's changed
Understanding these basic tasks will give you the ability to handle a wide range of analysis applications and provide you with the building blocks you'll need to tackle more complex problems.

Whether you're new to GIS or are an experienced user looking to sharpen your analytic skills, The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis is a must-have.