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Modeling Our World : The Esri Guide to Geodatabase Design
Author: Zieler, Michael

Cover: cover
Pages: 200
List Price: $29.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 03/2000
ISBN: 1879102625


Geographic data models are digital frameworks that describe the location and characteristics of things in the world around us. With a geographic information system, we can use these models as lenses to see, interpret, and analyze the infinite complexity of our, natural and man-made environments. With the geodatabase, a new geographic data model introduced with Arcinfo 8, you can extend significantly the level of detail and range of accuracy with which you can model geographic reality in a database environment.

Modeling Our World is the comprehensive guide and reference to GIS data modeling in general, and to the geodatabase model in particular. It shows how to make the right decisions about modeling data-decisions that will inform each aspect of a GIS project, from database design and data capture to spatial analysis and visual presentation.

You will learn to:

  • Design a geographic database that fits the project
  • Customize the database without writing code
  • Manage work flows in complex projects
  • Model diverse linear systems such as streams, freeways, or electrical grids
  • Incorporate satellite images for geographic analysis and display
  • Create three-dimensional GIS data models
Illustrated with hundreds of full-color maps and figures, Modeling Our World will be essential reading for a wide audience. Seasoned Arclnfo users who are making the transition to version 8 and serious new users of the software will find that Modeling Our World is required reading on the path to GIS success.