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Reconstruction and expansion of Mill Kopácsy in Veszprém, Hungary by Veszprémi Építész Műhely

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Article source: Veszprémi Építész Műhely

Mill Kopácsy is located at the most beautiful area of Veszprém, in the valley of stream Séd.

1.The history of the building’s architecture 
Where the current mill takes its place there probably had been one already in the middle ages.
The first report that proves the earliest existence of the mill is from 1765, which we found in the protocol of the city, Veszprém. There is also a note about the building in a fifteen years younger map. We also know that its name was already Kopácsy in the 1830’s, and that it had three water-wheels. There is also a map from 1857 which contains the mill, but the L figured building does not have yet some parts we know nowadays, because they were built later on. In the 1950s the building was socialized and private homes were settled in the main building and the outhouses as well. Then, in the 1980’s, the building was used as a tailoring and as a locker. Because the appliances were heavy, the wooden frame was enforced with steel, so that it became strong enough. After the tailoring had been given up the building was standing being empty and rusty for a pretty long term.
The building’s frontage which faces the street is classicist. The other fronts of it are simple plastered walls, with some scattered windows on them, and the building has the signs that it was rebuilt more times.

Image Courtesy © Dávid Kovács

Image Courtesy © Dávid Kovács

  • Architects: Veszprémi Építész Műhely
  • Project: Reconstruction and expansion of Mill Kopácsy
  • Location: Veszprém, Hungary
  • Photography: Dávid Kovács
  • Software used: ArchiCad
  • Architect Team: Zsolt Kovács, Jana Beránková, Dávid Kovács, Gábor Gaschler, Ágoston Barkács


Mountain Guest House in Barcelona, Spain by Dom – arquitectura

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Article source: Dom – arquitectura

The existing volume could not be changed, so we adapt the guest house program to it.

First of all we covered with insulation and waterproofing the roof, and then we did the same with the facades and interior space.

The idea is to open the inside space to outside, so the users could be available to enjoy the large garden with views. The cover is extended with a new wicker pergola with iron structure, so we can increase the terrace space and visitors will be more in touch with the garden, the nature and the orchard.

Image Courtesy © Dom - arquitectura

Image Courtesy © Dom – arquitectura

  • Architects: Dom – arquitectura (Pablo Serrano Elorduy)
  • Project: Mountain Guest House
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Software used: Autocad
  • Interior Designer: Blanca Elorduy
  • Collaborators: Pablo Carroggio
  • Surface: 65 m2


Urban Spa in São Paulo, Brazil by WeNew Innovation

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Article source: WeNew Innovation

The Urban Spa was created exploring the thematic and symbols found on the streets. This is a business model for the young entrepreneur, between 25 to 40 years, which corresponds to 35% of the growth of companies in Brazil.
The idea is to have a space that provides a new look and contemporary tools of wellness & well being to help these new entrepreneurs to better cope with their stressful work demand. In this project, the Luxury found in most spas gives room to a more stripped and irreverent kind of spa.

Image Courtesy © Guilherme Tamburus

Image Courtesy © Guilherme Tamburus

  • Architects: WeNew Innovation
  • Project: Urban Spa
  • Location: Equipotel Fair, São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Photography: Guilherme Tamburus
  • Execution: Linea Cesplan, São Paulo (Brazil)


Guest House in Navidad, Chile by AATA ARQUITECTOS ASOCIADOS

Saturday, June 28th, 2014


The requirement of the client was consisting of a small cabin for guests.

It was thought as an element that stands on the ground with almost no intervention of it. For the same reason it was thought in 2 stories. That way less surface deals with the ground.

The project is a 540cm cube (exterior measure) of wooden structure with two stories inside.

Image Courtesy ©

Image Courtesy ©

  • Project: Guest House
  • Location: Navidad, Chile
  • Photography:
  • Owner: Mario Cerda Sepúlveda
  • Year of Project: 2005
  • Construction: Carlos Vidal
  • Year of Construction: 2006
  • Surface: 26m2 useful
  • Cost: 15800 €


CALM House in Bunkyo ward, Tokyo by APOLLO Architects & Associates

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Article source: APOLLO Architects & Associates

This three-story residence is designed to function not only as a house but as a guesthouse that occasionally accommodates foreign guests and exchange students. It is made of concrete using wood formworks composed of 40mm-wide cedar. The authentic and solid materiality of concrete is contrasted by sharp stainless steel louvers covering the second floor window, and this facade gives a touch of elegance to the streetscape of the neighborhood. Louvers effectively provide security and privacy at the same time.

Image Courtesy © Masao Nishikawa

  • Architects: APOLLO Architects & Associates
  • Project: CALM House
  • Location: Bunkyo ward, Tokyo
  • Photography: Masao Nishikawa
  • Architect: Satoshi Kurosaki
  • Date of Completion: April 2013
  • Principal Use: Private Housing
  • Structure: Reinforced Concrete
  • Site Area: 125.81m2
  • Building Area: 88.05m2
  • Total Floor Area: 225.67m2(70.55m2/1F, 74.53m2/2F,73.67m2/3F,6.92m2/PHF)
  • Structure Engineers: Masaki Structure (Kenta Masaki)
  • Facility Engineers: Shimada Architects (Zenei Shimada)
  • Construction: MaekawaConstruction

De Lemos in Viseu, Portugal by J. M. Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design S.A

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Article source: J. M. Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design S.A.

Answering the request for the conception and design for a Gourmet Restaurant, we developed the project with the idea of a Guesthouse, private equipment as complement of the first. The group intends to relate to the wine production, and to frame this investment in a global brand strategy, instead of an isolated act in the territory.

Image Courtesy © Hugo Carvalho Araújo

  • Architects: J. M. Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design S.A
  • Project: De Lemos
  • Location: Viseu, Portugal
  • Photography: Hugo Carvalho Araújo
  • Team: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo, Joel Moniz, Sandra Ferreira, Emanuel de Sousa, Ana Vilar, André Santos, Liliana Costa, Nuno Vieira, Pedro Mendes, Carlos Santos, José João Santos, Leandro Silva.
  • Client: Celso de Lemos Esteves.
  • Date: 2007 – 2012.
  • Latitude:  40º 34’ 40.8504” N
  • Longitude:  7º 58’ 51.963” W
  • Landscape: JBJC – João Bicho e Joana Carneiro, Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda.
  • Interior Architecture: Nini Andrade Silva.
  • Engineering, management and supervision: Eng.º Carlos Pires.
  • Contractor: Eduardo Oliveira Irmãos, Lda.

Guest House in Lakeside, Michigan, USA by SMNG-A Architects

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Article source: SMNG-A Architects

The original 1,100 square main house was completed in 1986 as a weekend retreat. A writer’s studio was competed in 2002. The guest house was completed in 2012 and provides private space for guests and a remote study for the owner.The form of the guest house was inspired by an Anselm Kiefer painting.

Image Courtesy SMNG-A Architects

  • Architects: SMNG-A Architects
  • Project: Guest House
  • Location: Lakeside, Michigan, USA
  • Building Area: 448 square feet
  • Construction Cost: $100,000
  • Software used: None. Drawn freehand with graphite pencil on 1000H vellum


Fish Creek Compound Guest House in Wilson, Wyoming by Carney Logan Burke Architects

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Article source: Carney Logan Burke Architects

This 950 square foot guesthouse is the first phase of a master plan for a 5-acre sloping wooded property owned by the architect and his wife in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The design was intended to immerse the owners in the experience of the forest both visually and aurally. Through its siting near a stream that provides the sound of rushing water, and large windows that open the intimately scaled rooms to the outside, the house creates the feeling of actually being in the woods.

Image Courtesy © Matthew Millman


Guest House in São Paulo, Brasil by doisamaisv arquitetos

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Article source: doisamaisv arquitetos

The building was conceived as an addition to a pre-existing weekend house. The guest house was placed between a maple tree and a cypress, inserted perpendicularly to the main construction. It is situated in the outskirts of São Paulo, inside a residential condo.

Image Courtesy © Fran Parente

  • Architects: doisamaisv arquitetos
  • Project: Guest House
  • Location: Araçoiaba da Serra, São Paulo, Brasil
  • Photography: Fran Parente
  • Architecture: Fabiana Cyon, Ana Paula de Castro e Vito Macchione Ferreira (Doisamaisv arquitetos)
  • Contractor: Eduardo Santos – Administração e Gerenciamento de Obras
  • Ground Sounding: Engesolos
  • Concrete Structure: Oficina de Arquitetura e Estrutura
  • Timber Structure: Orbital Estruturas de Madeira
  • Landscaping: Isabel Duprat
  • Installations: Articular Projetos e Consultoria
  • Project Year: 2009 construction year – 2012
  • Total Area: 3.400 m2 built area – 203 m2

Casa De Descanso in Leon, Spain by Virginiaarq

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Article source: Virginiaarq


Constraints: Orientation and Environment

Two are the main starting conditions when designing this space, coupled with the programmatic conditions: first, the analysis and the relationship with the environment and, secondly, the study of the guidelines in relation to the various parts program.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

  • Architects: Virginiaarq
  • Project: Casa De Descanso
  • Location: Development The Tomillar, Celada De La Vega, Leon, Spain
  • Title Of Work: Rest House
  • Promoter: Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda
  • Construction: Constructora Cepedana, Sl
  • Constructed Area: 108.49 M2
  • Architect: MS. Virginia Gonzalez Rebollo
  • Architecture Award Vii Of Castile And Leon 2006-2007 Category Houses

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

The plot is a rectangle oriented north-south, bordering the path rolled eastward and falls in elevation of 5 meters to the west. Treating it seeks to achieve integration in place betting on a wild vegetation herbal aromatic shrubs, …

They raise two volumes that are embedded in the sloping terrain and fly across the top of it (antigravity effect), blind to the path east, except the crack of entry, and that open towards the light and landscape.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq


  • Muro cortina y carpinterías Aluminio: CORTIZO
  • Panel fachada: LARSON.
  • Estructura: PRECESA

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

Relaxation and meditation.

Two eyes looking at the scenery and catch the light: the volume of colored concrete tectonic opens to the distant landscape of mountains, West captures the light that illuminates the living space and fits like a photographic snapshot sunsets. The metal volume is oriented to the northwest, is a place that captures more light controlled north, which is smoother and works better to give light to the library area. From this space captures the snapshot through the hole is a profile of the city of Astorga and establishing a visual relationship with its highest point: the cathedral.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

So are two looks, with different types of light, void ratio, … and are closely related to the activity that takes place in the interior: estar-oeste-paisaje/leer-norte-catedral.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq


The basic program requested by the client is that of minimum housing, the main space is the living-rest and reading area. Around this server spaces are developed, consisting of a toilet, wardrobe, office and bedroom unit minimum. The entire program takes place in a single field, which turns into a double-height space in the living area.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

Structural and constructive approach

Structurally resolved through a reinforced concrete walls that serve as edge beams equivalent to the full height of the wall, which are embedded in the ground and fly four meters getting creating an effect of lightness: body mass of concrete that gives the illusion of light box resting on the hillside in an apparent unstable equilibrium.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

The structure, the concrete wall seen finishing material is double-height volume. We have studied carefully the material quality of these concrete walls, which are colored in situ. During the process of the work were done extensive testing with different dosages of dye to get a concrete with a texture and color inspired by the clay of the environment so that it integrates into the landscape and at the same time acquire its own identity.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

The volume that houses the library and is also oriented north-wall is structurally a cantilevered concrete beam, but outside is lined with aluminum panel. The inverted roof is not passable gravel finish.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

Inside the concrete wall is projected with extruded polystyrene insulation and 50 mm mineral wool as insulation. Finally freestanding trasdosa with plasterboard wall.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

It raises the cantilevered staircase, recessed one side in the concrete wall (same structural criteria that the building itself: total absence of pillars). The railing is galvanized and painted steel.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

The bedroom on the double-height space is structurally more concrete slab of reinforced concrete overalls cantilevered seen similarly colored than the outer enclosure.

Image Courtesy Virginiaarq

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