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Mechanics of Fluids, Second Edition
Author: Potter, Merle C. / Hondzo, Midhat

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 800
List Price: $128.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 04/1997
ISBN: 0132076225


Reinforces concepts with equations and solutions for relatively simple geometries.

Offers a concise, yet thorough presentation of the control volume forms of fundamental laws.

Develops the differential equations that describe fluid flow.

Introduces internal and external flows, boundary layers and inviscid flows with numerous applications.

All derivations have easy-to-follow steps.

Includes an abundance of examples and worked problems

Emphasizes SI units, but approximately one-quarter of the worked examples and problems are duplicated using English units, and all properties and dimensional constants are provided in both SI and English units.

Provides computer-based Basic and spread sheet solutions in the chapters relating to open channel and pipe network flows.

Computer algorithms, figures, and tables are also provided on a CD-ROM that accompanies the Solutions Manual.