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Extending ArcView GIS : With Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst
Author: Ormsby, Tim / Alvi, Jonell

Cover: cover
Pages: 527
List Price: $49.95
Published by ESRI Press
Date Published: 08/1999
ISBN: 1879102056

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing ArcView Network Analyst
Chapter 2: Finding the best route
Chapter 3: Defining travel costs
Chapter 4: Finding the closest facility
Chapter 5: Finding service areas
Chapter 6: Modeling traffic flow
Chapter 7: Modeling intersections
Chapter 8: Introducing ArcView Spatial Analyst
Chapter 9: Investigating grids
Chapter 10: Creating surfaces
Chapter 11: Analyzing density and distance
Chapter 12: Converting grids and setting their properties
Chapter 13: Using the Map Calculator
Chapter 14: Creating statistics and generalizing data
Chapter 15: Introducing the ESRI ModelBuilder
Chapter 16: Introducing ArcView 3D Analyst
Chapter 17: Displaying data in 3D
Chapter 18: Symbolizing TIN themes
Chapter 19: Creating 3D feature data
Chapter 20: Creating TIN data
Chapter 21: Analyzing paths
Chapter 22: Analyzing visibility
Chapter 23: More extensions
Appendix A: Network Analyst pathfinding algorithm
Appendix B: Aligning your data
Appendix C: Data file structures
Appendix D: Resources
Appendix E: Using the CD