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Architect's Professional Practice Manual
Author: Franklin, James R.

Cover: cover
Pages: 288
List Price: $59.95
Published by McGraw Hill (Tx)
Date Published: 03/2000
ISBN: 0071358366


All-in-one architectural practice toolkit

AIA Kemper Award winner James R. FranklinAEs ArchitectAEs

Professional Practice Manual is a no-nonsense compendium

of well-tested methods, valuable tips, and contracts, forms,

checklists, and other tools in a graphics-oriented, at-a-glance format. Beginning with how to position yourself in the marketplace, it takes you through the entire process of

marketing, pricing, negotiating, designing, and carrying out

projects, showing you how to build repeat client business

while maintaining your joy and profitability through

exemplary practices. This lean-and-clean fieldbook stresses

the project-driven principles of good practice, emphasizing

collaborative behavior u doing right by the client and the

people you work with and for u as a key to upward